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With Matrix International you will be able to register your company today without leaving your country.

What is included?

With Matrix International, you will find the entire process of creating your company in the United States very easy to understand and without hidden costs or deceptive annual subscriptions. You pay just once for the creation of your company and that's it!

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Our clients trust and support our services

Putting your company in the hands of professionals is very important, our team has years of experience in the different areas that our services cover and for this reason our clients trust us.

Grupo Daxy, client of Matrix International
Matrix International clientes, more than 300 registered companies

Matrix International

We are an American company located in the state of Florida, specialized in helping entrepreneurs from other countries to have access to the American market. With our multidisciplinary team, Matrix International is able to meet the requirements of our clients in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Discover how easy it is to register your company in the United States by contacting us now.

“Connecting the dots

Knowing how the international market works has given us a transparent, committed and versatile vision, generating trust for
our clients.

Carlos Barbosa CEO of Matrix International
Carlos J. Barbosa
CEO Matrix International

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