Interview for Miami VIP Channel with Lina Angel

Spotlight with Lina Angel for the VIP Channel

Interview for Miami VIP Channel with Lina Angel
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What is the process like, what is the first step to take and how do you contact Matrix International so that you can guide and advise throughout this process?

We have found that probably the most important step and the one that gives the most work to entrepreneurs from the world in general who want to come to the United States, is to really jump into the water and take that first step. Understand that the risk of failure is not as great as they believe and let's say the capital you have to put up to start, is not as exorbitant as it was considered in traditional economics.

But for many of them this is almost a dream, a fantasy, so being able to break that barrier and take that first step, jump into the water and say yes I can, is what costs them the most. At Matrix International, we can do everything remotely, we do everything through our website, they simply give us information about their company. What do they want to do? What is the company about, what are the partners where they live, etc. And from here we take care of all the paperwork and all the necessary steps so that they can have a perfectly legalized company in a matter of 4 to 5 weeks and ready to operate in the United States.

Which are the most important, the most common and how do they differ from one another?

The decisions that entrepreneurs have to make in advance are basically two: first they have to decide in which state of the United States they want to put their company, because, unlike many countries, the legalization of a company in the United States is not done at the federal, it is done at the state level, that is, you have to decide if your company is going to be registered in Florida, in California, in Texas, for most Latin American entrepreneurs and even in Spain itself, we always recommend the state from Florida. Because of the cultural and geographic proximity, but for others, like our Mexican clients, they very much decide to do it in California or Texas, they make the decision and we accompany them in any of the 50 states.

Carlos Barbosa CEO Matrix International

A question that constantly arises is the famous Social Security, that important number that we need to pay taxes, a person who is not legally resident in the United States has another option to process this important number

When a person cannot access a Social Security because they are not a resident of the United States or a citizen, even if they have a company in the United States, they will have to pay taxes when the time comes, and for that the IRs, which is the fiscal entity of the United States, has created what is known as the ITIN number, that number is assigned to these foreign individuals when filing taxes so that they can do so without any problem, because, yes, in the United States the doors and we are all going to have access to success in the United States, but with taxes you don't play when the time comes to do it, we all have to do it.

In that sense ITIN is different from the IAM, one is for the company and the other is for the individual as such, which in this case is who is the taxpayer, right?

Exactly the EIN is a number that is also assigned by IRs. But to the companies, they also have to identify themselves before the United States tax entity and for that they are given this number and with that number at the end of the year, when it is time to pay taxes, the company is a CORP or an LLC, with that number you can file your statement and then if it is an LLC, those profits go to the members and if it is a CORP you pay taxes directly.

In case you not only want to operate online, but also want to open an operating center as such, it is possible to do so

Yes, in fact yes and it is completely independent of the immigration status of the person, they are different things. Having a company in the United States is not the same as having immigration status in the United States.

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