Corporate solutions

Within our portfolio we offer complementary services to support you in the operational and commercial part of your new company.

Additional services

And of course we support you with additional services that will make
your life easier.

Business plan

Every company, especially if it’s entering a new market or if it’s looking to raise capital, must have a solid business plan able to project future results. Matrix International has professionals that can help you formulate the business plan for your new company in the U.S. This plan can be used to validate bank loans or to demonstrate the viability of your business in order to apply for investor visas.

Matrix International business plan service
Matrix International market research service

Market research

The U.S. market is the largest in the world and possesses tremendous opportunities but also challenges for the entrepreneurs who want to penetrate it. Matrix International offers professional consulting in the fields of marketing research, competitors, distribution channels, complementary services, etc.

Annual tax declaration

All companies that are registered in the United States must present information about tax return each year regardless of the billing volume.nSkipping this may carry very serious legal consequences. Matrix International makes this process easy for its customers.Our accounting team takes care of all the paperwork.

Matrix International anual tax declaration service
Matrix International customize projects device

Special projects

Matrix International has highly qualified professionals in many aspects of business in the U.S. Contact us if you have a special business challenge. Most likely, we will be able to help!